1、Money never made a man。金钱造不出好汉。

  2、The greedy man that wealth creates is more than the one who causes the rich。财富造成的贪婪人,比贪婪造成的富人要多。

  3、Money road。有钱路路通。

  4、Money is not a slave is a master, the two will be one, do not have any other。金钱不是做奴隶就是做主人,二者必一,别无其他。

  5、Rich Wang Bada three generation。有钱的王八大三辈。

  6、The rich and the poor is poor Jiaoxue rich soup, as hard as iron。财主再富汤浇雪,穷人虽穷硬如铁。

  7、Money is a good soldier, it can make people a hundred times the courage。金钱是个好兵士,有了它就可以使人勇气百倍。

  8、Don't want money, holding the gold to jump down the well。要钱不要命,抱了元宝去跳井。

  9、Money is the foundation of victory。金钱是胜利的基石。

  10、A penny of the money is coming out of the water。一文钱攥出水来。

  11、Not poor, not rich a family。不穷千家,不富一户。

  12、Make a description of modern cinema。 It seems like if it's going to cost a lot of money。作一个描述近代的电影。好像如果完成会花费大量的金钱。

  13、Save like yanxianni, waste like river breaching of the dike。节约好比燕衔泥,浪费好比河决堤。

  14、The monk also sold through the money。和尚经钱经也卖。

  15、The person who is drunk in the wine will be sober, and the people who get lost in the money will never be sober。醉于酒的人会清醒,迷于财的人永远不会清醒。

  16、The rich screen cup full, no money to drink three points。有钱筛酒杯杯满,无钱筛酒浅三分。

  17、Money than a pure conscience, what is it?金钱比起一分纯洁的良心来,有算得了什么呢?

  18、To be poor, to go easy。来得不善,去得也易。

  19、A million treasures of gold and silver, not to bring into the coffin。百万金银财宝,不以带进棺材。

  20、There is a trace of guilt in the profession and business of all the money。人类一切赚钱的职业与生意中都有罪恶的踪迹。

  21、No poison not rich, not hungry not a skeleton。不毒不成财主,不饿不成骷髅。

  22、Money is regarded as God, it will be like the devil curse you。把金钱奉为神明,它就会象魔鬼一样降祸于你。

  23、Money and everything。有钱万事圆。

  24、Money can Babel, potential pressure。钱能通天,势能压人。

  25、The rich from the poor, it is difficult to move for。财主离穷人,寸步也难行。

  26、With money can do a lot of things in this world, only youth can not use the money to buy。有了金钱就能在这个世界上做很多事,唯有青春却无法用金钱来购买。

  27、To give money, to buy the things will not be equivalent。 To pay the spirit, to earn the money is not equivalent。付出金钱,买来的东西不会等值。付出精神,赚来的金钱也不等值。

  28、Money bought by money will be bought by money。金钱买来的忠诚一定会被金钱所收买。

  29、The sections were not strong, poor。强本而节用,则天不能贫。

  30、Non moral, just for the money you。非关道德合,只为钱相知。

  31、Do the Yellow River only for water, as for the money worn tongue。说尽黄河只为水,磨破口舌尽为财。

  32、If you think of money as God, it will torment you like a devil。如果你把金钱当成上帝,它便会像魔鬼一样折磨你。

  33、Money can be the shell of many things, but not the fruit of it。金钱可以是许多东西的外壳,却不是里面的果实。

  34、The rich man is the possession of money, not the possession of money。有钱人实为金钱所占有,而不是占有金钱。

  35、Human wealth, birds die for food。人为财死,鸟为食亡。

  36、Liquor Reds face, black heart of gold。白酒红人面,黄金黑人心。

  37、Clothing is Ling cents is bile。衣是翎毛钱是胆。

  38、Money is never out of date。金钱永远不过时。

  39、Money brings honor and friend, conquest and territory。金钱带来的是荣誉和朋友,征服和领土。

  40、It what money, it is money what property; wine, wine is the property。管它什么金钱,管它什么财产;陈酒就是金钱,陈酒就是财产。

  41、Kim opened Fuyuan, Sheqipinzhao。俭开福源,奢起贫兆。

  42、Only money can conquer the world。唯有金钱的力量才能征服整个世界。

  43、You want to kill in the throat, to spend money on the edge。杀鸡要杀在喉头上,花钱要花在刀口上。

  44、Time is money, Time is money!一寸光阴一寸金,寸金难买寸光阴!

  45、A person's soul is more valuable than all the money in the world。一个人的灵魂比全世界所有的金钱还要贵重。

  46、The wise man will give up the money to save his life。聪明人肯舍弃金钱,以保全性命。

  47、Money is precious, life is more precious, time is the most precious。金钱宝贵,生命更宝贵,时间最宝贵。

  48、Don't talk about family chores, don't talk about money, don't talk about women。不谈家庭琐事,不谈金钱,不谈妇女。

  49、Money is the most solid foundation in the world。金钱是世界上最坚实的基础。

  50、A knife head of money。钱字头上一把刀。

  51、The most addictive drug is money。最容易上瘾的毒品是金钱。

  52、Money often become a barrier to true friendship。金钱往往成为真正情义的障碍物。

  53、The enemy becomes a comrade in arms mostly to survive, his comrades become enemies mostly for money。敌人变成战友多半是为了生存,战友变成敌人多半是为了金钱。

  54、Have no money to pick the lord。得钱不拣主。

  55、Believe that money can do everything for money。相信金钱万能的人,往往会一切为了金钱。

  56、Money is a good servant, but a bad master。金钱是好的仆人,却是不好的主人。

  57、A fortress without money。没有金钱攻不破的堡垒。

  58、By the extravagance and easy, from extravagance to economy。由俭入奢易,由奢入俭难。

  59、Money is the foundation of love, but also the capital of war。金钱是爱情的基础,也是**的资本。

  60、No smell of money。金钱无臭味。

  61、The powder is white, and the money is the elder brother。有粉就是白,有钱就是哥。